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The Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act (JVTA) a piece of bipartisan anti-trafficking legislation that has been criticised for its prioritisation of law enforcement, passed the US House of Representatives by 420 votes to three on 19th of May. The legislation will now head to President Obama’s desk to be signed into law.

Posted 22 May 2015 by NSWP

At a time of increased global repression and the attempted silencing of progressive voices, the AWID 2016 Forum is a space for re-imagining and co-creation. The Forum will be taking place in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil from May 5th until May 8th 2016.

AWID invites those who believe in futures free from gendered oppressions, the realisation of full rights for people and planet, and self-determination from the body to the nation.

Posted 21 May 2015 by NSWP

In 2013, UNFPA published ‘Implementing Comprehensive HIV/STI Programmes with Sex Workers: Practical Approaches from Collaborative Interventions’ or the SWIT. The resource was authored by the World Health Organization, in collaboration with UNFPA, UNAIDS, NSWP and the World Bank. It is a comprehensive global tool aiming to offer guidance on how to implement the WHO’s 2012 recommendations on HIV and Sex Work.

Posted 21 May 2015 by NSWP

In Ottawa, Canada late last month police raided 20 massage and body rub parlours in a three-day long bust that they claimed was part of a human trafficking investigation. While no criminal charges were made, last week Ottawa police announced that 11 women will be deported as a result of the raids.

Sex worker groups have spoken up against the decision to issue removal orders for the 11 women, saying that undocumented workers in Canada are more vulnerable to violence and are far less likely to come forward as witnesses to report crime if they fear deportation.

Posted 20 May 2015 by NSWP

Turkish advocates have been calling for recognition of a spate of violence against trans women in the country. Over the space of two weeks, seven trans women were violently attacked in different cities around Turkey. On the 2nd of May four trans women were reported to have been attacked, including a trans sex worker named Gülşen who was stabbed in her home in Şişli by two men with a knife and skewer. Reports say that the men were known to her as previous clients.

Posted 20 May 2015 by NSWP

At the beginning of this month Honolulu police arrested more than a dozen sex working women over a weekend. Instead of charging the women with prostitution – a misdemeanor that carries a maximum 30-day jail sentence – they were instead charged with sexual assault in the fourth degree. If convicted, the women would have to register as sex offenders.

Honolulu police spokeswoman Michelle Yu said, in a statement, that the police operation was prompted by public complaints.

Posted 11 May 2015 by NSWP