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Sydney’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas slammed by activists for promoting anti-sex work themes

Sydney’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas slammed by activists for promoting anti-sex work themes and excluding a sex worker perspective

Papua New Guinea’s Health Minister Vows to Introduce Legislation Decriminalising Sex Work

Sex workers in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are hopeful that following the recent International AIDS Conference (IAC), held in July 2014, Melbourne, Australia, Papua New Guinea’s Health Minister, Honourable. Michael Malaba, will keep his public commitment to introduce legislation that decriminalises sex work and same sex relationships.

Scarlet Alliance


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How are sex workers involved in your organisation?: 
Sex workers are involved and lead every aspect of Scarlet Alliance. All staff, volunteers and leadership are sex workers. We are governed by an elected executive board that is also sex worker only. We have 2 tiers of organisational membership - full membership for sex worker organisations who are peer led and associate members who do not meet full requirements of membership are involved without voting rights.

The Obituary of Li Jun, Leader of Taiwanese Sex Workers' Movement


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Photo: Li Jun, Pioneer of the Sex Workers’ Movement 

NSWP joins the sex worker rights movement in mourning the passing of a pioneer in the Taiwanese sex worker rights movement. Below is a obituary honouring the life and work of Li Jun published by COSWAS.

Community Mobilisation and Empowerment of Female Sex Workers in Karnataka State, South India: Associations with HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infection Risk


A series of behavioural-biological surveys in 2008 and 2011 in four districts of Karnataka found that mobilising female sex workers is central to effective HIV prevention programming. Defining community mobilisation exposure as low, medium or high, the study revealed female sex workers with high exposure to community mobilisation are:

Malee's Journey

Photo: Malee protesting for sex worker rights. In this photograph you can see one of Malee's new converts.

"Jaol sal dovl mil-a lol?” How are you? That is my language from my first home. I have 6 or 7 languages, some broken, some not. Just as I speak many different languages, I play many different roles in my life and I have many different names.

To my 2 beautiful teenage children, I am "Mum".


Young Professional Development Society Nepal (YPDSN)


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How are sex workers involved in your organisation?: 
Young Professional Development Society Nepal is a young organisation working in different fields and sectors coordinating with the Ministry of Health and Population and related organisations. Basically we focus on youth generation transformation and professionalism development and research and conduct programmes on youth issues, challenge youth policy development and revision. Our organisation has been working in youth programmes and programmes targeting social problems, youth sex, youth drug transmission and other.

Pre-IAC Sex Worker Meeting Releases Consensus Statement, whilst Sex Workers vent their Frustrations at IAC’s Lack of Commitment in ensuring Meaningful Community Participation


In the lead up to the official opening of the 20th International AIDS Conference, currently being held in Melbourne, Australia, sex workers from 30 countries met on the 18th and 19th of July, 2014, to discuss issues of significance affecting our communities and to strategise the promotion and advocacy of these issues within various conference forums.


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This resource is a part of the Know it, Prove it, Change it: a Rights Curriculum for Grassroots Groups series created specifically to help grassroots organisations in communities affected by HIV/AIDS to understand their basic rights, document rights abuses, and design and implement advocacy campaigns. The series has three parts: