South Africa: SWEAT, Sisonke Launch ‘In Her Heels’ Toolkit For Sex Workers

SWEAT and Sisonke have launched the 'In Her Heels' toolkit on Women's Day (9th August), at the Artscape Women/Humanity Arts Festival.

‘In Her Heels’ is a sensitisation training tool that puts participants in sex workers' shoes – using story cards and different scenarios that are based on sex workers real life stories.

The narratives challenged the public to empathise and walk in the sex workers ‘high heels’ to reflect on stories of rape, abuse, shame.

At the launch participants were also asked to literally wear high heels (which were provided) before entering the 'In Her Heels' training space. Nearly a hundred people participated.

NSWP Supports Chinese Sex Worker Rights Activist Ye Haiyan, Currently Detained by Police

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On May 30th, 2013, Chinese activist Ye Haiyan (叶海燕) was detained by the police. Official reports attempt to portray her in a negative light, saying that she is currently under arrest for 15 days after attacking three neighbours with a knife; however, these Chinese media reports fail to explain why she needed to defend herself and her 13-year-old daughter in such a way from violent intruders in her Guangxi home.