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Cambodian Government Minister backtracks on Somaly Mam comments

Cambodia’s Council of Ministry Government spokesperson, Phay Siphan, stated on 20 October, 2014, that his comments that condemning internationally recognised anti-trafficker, Somaly Mam, should be reiterated.

Comments on the USA Trafficking In Persons Report 2013

Although migrant sex workers in Thailand are grateful for the concern showed for their well-being they would like to ask people read their report “Hit & Run” rather than the TIP report on Thailand which is again disappointing in so many ways. In brief, the TIP report is very poorly written; there is a complete lack of accountability; it is full of sweeping assumptions and generalizations; conclusions are based on guesswork rather than evidence e.g. “sex tourism may fuel human trafficking - presumably then there is an equal chance that it may not? The chronic problem they have with accurate and credible numbers persists e.g. according to the first TIP report 2001 there were 700,000 people trafficked globally but now the same report claims 27 million people are trafficked. . It is not credible academically and not accessible to migrant communities.  The report adds no new or useful information to the previous reports.

Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee bulletin 23: 15 February 2013

Download this resource: 

The bulletin of the DMSC, discussing common financial scams, police violence, and the work to tackle HIV, human rights violations by the police, and the stigma that prevents sex workers from accessing services.

Zi Teng Hong Kong Newsletter

You can read these interesting articles from the 39th Newsletter from our colleagues at Zi Teng - based in Hong Kong.

The topics covered in this issue of the newsletter include:

  • complaints of abuse by massage workers and migrant sex workers
  • injustice in the Hong Kong courts
  • abuses of police power

Their newsletter is available on the website here. 

Or you can read or download the newsletter here (English) or here (Chinese).

Statement of demands by ICAAP community representatives and activists on unacceptable police violence at ICAAP

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Taking the example of Korean sex workers, community protesters got up on stage today in the plenary with facemasks symbolising the silencing of the voices of the communities, and read a list of demands to the organisers and UNAIDS.

We are appalled at the failure of the AIDS Society of Asia and the Pacific, the Local Organising Committee and the UN in predicting, preventing and effectively intervening in the violence that took place on the 27th of August 2011.