Free Trade Agreements

Sex workers rally against Free Trade Agreement with the EU

As reported in the Indian Express, around 250 sex workers were amongst those who took part in a silent rally on Friday 10th February in Mysore in opposition to a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union aoround the supply of generic life-saving drugs. 

Act Up-Basel: Take your claws off our medicines!

NSWP has signed up to this petition and urges others to do so.

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Sex workers condemn the use of force by Korean security on peaceful demonstrators

Busan – South Korea - Press Statement – Saturday 27th August 2011- For immediate release

Police beat and arrested South Korean activists, among them people living with HIV/AIDS, during a PEACEFUL march at the ICAAP in Busan. The march was organised to protest against Free Trade agreements being negotiated across the Asia Pacific region. International and Korean activists were jointly marching through the Conference Convention Center.