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Prostitution Free Zones Repealed in the District of Columbia

After nine years of organising, the joint efforts of NSWP member groups Best Practices Policy Best Practices Policy Project and HIPS, together with groups including Casa Ruby and the DC Trans Coalition have succeeded in having the District of Columbia’s “Prostitution Free Zone” policy overturned.

The Sex Worker Project Receives the 2014 Emil Gumpert Award

The New York City-based Sex Workers Project (a project run out of the Urban Justice Center) which provides legal and social services to both sex workers and victims of human trafficking, has been selected by The American College of Trial Lawyers as the recipient of the

UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women calls on India to take measures to protect Human Rights of Sex Workers

Veshya Anyay Mukti Parishad (VAMP) and SANGRAM, two sex workers' rights organasations and NSWP members based in Sangli, India have praised the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women's report calling on the Indian Government to review the legislation that criminalises sex work.

Commemoration of International Sex Workers' Rights Day in Lagos

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NSWP meber, Women in Power Initiative (WOPI), the first Community Based Organisation in Nigeria led a march in Lagos marking the 14th International Sex Workers’ Rights Day. The programme mobilised over 50 sex workers, civil society organisations working with the female sex worker community and the media.

NSWP Responds To Amnesty's Draft Policy on Sex Work

The NSWP has responded to Amnesty International’s (AI) draft policy on sex work. AI is currently undertaking a global consultation on sex work with its members. The draft policy proposes the decriminalisation of consensual adult sex work.

Monica Jones in Court Today


File 1372Recently, Monica Jones, a human rights defender with SWOP, was profiled and wrongfully arrested by Phoenix police because she is a transgender woman of colour.

Right to Information (RTI) Centre setup in Kolkata marking International Sex Workers Day

The Durbar Mahila Samanway Committee (DMSC), a sex workers' collective has set up a Right to Information (RTI) centre on Monday at a red-light area in Kolkata marking International Sex Workers Day. The RTI centre will be providing information to sex workers. The sex workers' collective also held a rally in the city. More than 1,500 sex workers participated in the rally seeking recognition by the government and demanding they be brought under a government pension scheme.

Human Rights Watch Supports Push for Decriminalising Voluntary Sex Work by Adults

On January 21st, HRW released their 24th annual review of human rights practices around the world. The report summarises key human rights issues in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide drawing on events through to November 2013.

On the decriminalisation of sex work, the report states on page 47: "...our call for decriminalizing simple drug use and possession (see the essay The Human Rights Case for Drug Reform in this volume), and our push for decriminalizing voluntary sex work by adults."

Human Rights Watch World Report 2014

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World Report 2014 is Human Rights Watch’s 24th annual review of human rights practices around the globe. It summarises key human rights issues in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide, drawing on events through November 2013.

The report touches on sex work and reiterates Human Rights Watch's support for the decriminalisation of sex work.

‘Bridging the Gap’ Report Addresses Health and Rights for Sex Workers, LGBT, Drug Users

A new Dutch publication has been released that addresses the human rights violations and challenges faced by sex workers, people who use drugs, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, in accessing much-needed HIV and health services.