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Singapore introduces new Anti-Trafficking Act despite concerns that it focuses too heavily on law enforcement

Singaporean Member of Parliament, Christopher de Souza, late last month introduced a Private Member’s Bill designed to combat human trafficking. The bill, the Prevention of Human Trafficking Act, was debated for almost 3 hours before being passed as legislation on 3 November, 2014.

Scarlet Alliance Red Umbrella Rally: Sex workers speak up!

11th Nov



Scarlet Alliance Red Umbrella Rally:
Sex workers speak up!
Tuesday 11th November, 2014
4:30 - 6pm, Speeches and Performances from 5pm
Talbot Reserve, Albert St, St Kilda

Join us in St Kilda to hear it straight from sex workers.
Victoria’s licensing regime harms sex workers.
Street Sex work - still criminalised.
Draconian laws prevent sex workers working how, when and where we want.
Police as regulators; unnecessary, barrier to justice.
Full decriminalisation is needed now for sex workers’ health and safety.

Call for Papers: 'Troubling Prostitution: exploring intersections of sex, intimacy and labour' Conference

This conference takes as its starting point the need to explore how sex which involves forms of commercial exchange can be understood within broader cultural and social contexts. More specifically, it invites an examination of prostitution, its shifting meanings and governance, by focussing on the contested intersection of activities designated sex, the intimate sphere, and activities designated labour.

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New Zealand Court Rules in Favour of Sex Worker in Work Place Harassment Case

The New Zealand Human Rights Review Tribunal made a landmark ruling in January 2014 on the violation of a woman’s human rights in a Wellington brothel known as The Kensington Inn. The woman filed a complaint against both the manager of the brothel and the brothel’s owner, M &T Enterprises, after the manager allegedly harassed her.