Call for Papers: Anti-Trafficking Review

The Anti-Trafficking Review calls for papers for a Special Issue '15 Years of the UN Trafficking Protocol'. This issue will present thoughtful, innovative and well-researched articles that address critical questions relating to the impact, intended and unintended consequences of the protocol. Interestingly, this issue's journal will look to answer questions such as what good work has resulted from the Protocol, what problems have arisen due to the definition of trafficking in Article 3 of the Protocol, wether the trafficking framework in the Protocol is largely an immigration control measure etc. The journal is also interested in papers that propose new ways of thinking about the Protocol and anti-trafficking work more generally, looking toward shaping the future.

The 4th issue will feature a 'Debate Section' for short (800-1000 words) opinion pieces. Submission for articles either supporting or rejecting the following proposition: "The Trafficking Protocol has advanced the global movement against human exploitation." are welcomed.

The Anti-Trafficking Review is a publication of the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW)