Research for Sex Work 14: Sex work is work! Call for Abstracts

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Research for Sex Work is seeking contributions for its 14th edition, themed ‘Sex work is work’. This theme reflects one of NSWP's core values: the acceptance of sex work as legitimate work. This value reflects the importance of labour rights as an important step in upholding the human rights of sex workers as individuals and as members of the workforce.

Research for Sex Work is an international journal that incorporates research results, experiences and reports on the subject of sex work within a human rights framework. We welcome three writing formats: research results, project or programme descriptions, and think pieces.

The journal aims to cover all geographical regions, and we do give priority to submissions from sex worker individuals and groups. Authors who should consider contributing are sex worker groups, support organisations, HIV prevention projects, NGOs, universities and research institutions.

Submissions must be in English, and the text will be edited and peer reviewed before being published. The maximum length for an abstract is 300 words, with articles limited to 1200.

To submit an article or ask a questions, write to our editor Heather at R4SW.Editor[at] Abstracts are due 31 July 2014 23:59 GMT

Finished articles will be due 26th of August. Authors will need to be accessible by email to answer questions and make corrections throughout September and October.

We also encourage authors to submit high-resolution photos to which you own the rights to accompany your article. Please send a description to Heather at R4SW.Editor[at]

For a history of the journal and to see earlier editions, click here.

Edition 14 of Research for Sex Work will be published in English and Spanish.