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Economic Empowerment of Venezuelan Sex Workers Through Currency Exchange in Puerto Cabello

The arrival of ships from abroad means one thing for Elena: dollars. In Venezuela the green notes rule, said the 32-year-old sex worker. She travels to Puerto Cabello, in Venezuela’s coastline, every time a new ship arrives, particularly now that the Venezuelan economy has gone down; the Bolivar currency weakened and prices are high.

Collateral Damage: Sex Workers and the Anti-Trafficking Campaigns


This trailer offers an introduction to a longer work, an historical review of a 19th century anti-trafficking campaigns, demonstrating the way the historic "White Slavery" moral panic and current anti-trafficking campaigns have been largely responsible for prostitution prohibitionism, racial discrimination, and xenophobic immigration legislation. 

For the longer segments (as the documentary is a work-in-progress) and further information go here

New Prostitution Law Proposal Punishes Enterprises in Brazil – 16 June 2014

The Brazilian parliament is currently analysing a new law proposal that is intended to punish private commercial establishments associated with prostitution or trafficking in persons. The Law proposal 5742/13, by the deputy Guilherme Mussi, is considered another barrier in the affirmation of sex workers’ rights in Brazil.

Vancouver Sex Workers and Friends Take to the Streets Protesting Bill C-36

From NSWP member, Triple X reporting on the Red Umbrella March held in Vancouver on the 14th of June in protest of the new regressive Canadian legislation on sex work being proposed. Triple X also developed a leaflet for the march entitled: 'Why Sex Work Should Not Be A Crime' which you can download here.

Nairobi CBD Assembly Committee in Regressive Ploy to Move Sex Workers out of City Centre

Being a sex worker in Africa is becoming even more difficult with restrictive laws being passed in a number of countries. Various countries have started to take deliberate actions to restrict the human rights of sex workers by imposing legislation or by-laws that ban sex workers  from working.  In several countries, including the DRC, Cameroon, and Kenya sex work is not illegal but most activities surrounding sex work such as managing a brothel or soliciting are.

Справочная статья: Влияние на сексработников программ по ВИЧ, не соблюдающих права человека


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