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In 2013, UNFPA published ‘Implementing Comprehensive HIV/STI Programmes with Sex Workers: Practical Approaches from Collaborative Interventions’ or the SWIT. The resource was authored by the World Health Organization, in collaboration with UNFPA, UNAIDS, UNDP,  NSWP and the World Bank. It is a comprehensive global tool aiming to offer guidance on how to implement the WHO’s 2012 recommendations on HIV and Sex Work.

21st May 2015 by NSWP

NSWP is seeking to recruit a consultant to create a briefing paper that addresses the needs and values of sex worker communities in creating safe and secure use of data and population estimates, and which will highlight the issues and harms associated with mapping sex workers and using unique identifier codes. NSWP will consider applications from individuals (and teams) interested in working as consultant/s (based in or outside of the UK).

4th May 2015 by NSWP

The Global Fund has launched a human rights complaints procedure as part of its commitment to protect and promote human rights in the context of fighting AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

28th April 2015 by NSWP

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) is currently inviting individuals with a commitment to promoting the health and human rights of sex workers to apply to volunteer with the communications and information management team. NSWP exists to uphold the voice of sex workers globally and connect regional networks advocating for the rights of female, male, and transgender sex workers. It advocates for rights based health and social services, freedom from abuse and discrimination, and self-determination for sex workers.

21st April 2015 by NSWP

The Open Society Foundations have released an updated version of their 2012 brief "10 Reasons to Decriminalize Sex Work". The brief has been updated to reflect the most relevant arguments, and the latest news and evidence, that suggest the decriminalisation of sex work is the policy that best protects the rights, health, and safety of sex workers.

21st April 2015 by NSWP

The Rainbow Leaders is a leadership training program, offered to activists – leaders in the Global LGBTI movement. Organisations working on sex workers' rights are also encouraged to apply!

Already more than 100 leaders have been admitted to the first three cycles. Now we are ready to start the application process for Rainbow Leaders cycle 4. Altogether 25 LGBTI leaders from different countries and regions are going to work together this fall!

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Dates for Cycle 4:

9th April 2015 by NSWP


The #FacesOfProstitution hashtag has been filling up social media timelines since March 29th  when a Sydney based sex worker started it in response to an offensive blog post by a fundamentalist Christian organisation was reposted on Mamamia, a popular Australian online women’s magazine. The hashtag trended worldwide on BBC Trending  and has united sex workers across the globe in solidarity against the offensive stereotypes employed by anti-sex work campaigners to undermine the power of sex workers. 

7th April 2015 by Anelda Grové

The study examined a cohort of people with HIV, in which research had already yielded two contradictory estimates of the effectiveness of ART in preventing transmission. Many of the original HIV-positive partners were infected through selling blood in non-sterile conditions between the early 1990s and 1998. In 1998, the practice was outlawed, but not before it had created a local HIV epidemic.

6th April 2015 by NSWP

Viral load suppression means risk of HIV transmission is 'at most' 4% during anal sex, but final results not due till 2017.


The second large study to look at whether people with HIV become non-infectious if they are on antiretroviral therapy (ART) has found no cases where someone with a viral load under 200 copies/ml transmitted HIV, either by anal or vaginal sex.

6th April 2015 by NSWP

NSWP has published the the 11th issue of our quarterly newsletter ‘Sex Work Digest’. 

You can download the 10 page Digest as a PDF below.

31st March 2015 by NSWP