NSWP elects new President, Pye Jakobsson

We are pleased to announce that Pye Jakobsson has been elected as the new President of The Global Network of Sex Work Projects. The President of the NSWP board is elected by the sex worker-led organisations within the membership of NSWP. Pye succeeds the late Andrew Hunter, who sadly passed away on the 26th of December 2013. The elections however, were not a result of the sudden and untimely passing of Andrew as the election process started on the 1st of December 2013 given his elected term had come to an end.

Pye Jakobsson from Stockholm, Sweden is a sex worker rights activist and former sex worker.  Currently Pye is working in HIV-prevention and has taken a break from sex work over the past few years following a 24 year career in various sectors of the sex industry in a number of different countries.

During the 1980s, Pye was engaged in HIV-activism in Portugal and has been a sex worker activist since the mid-1990s. Pye co-founded the Swedish Sex Worker organisation Rose Alliance where she is currently acting as the coordinator. Pye is involved in a number of organisations who advocate for the human rights of marginalised groups. She helped to set up the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers (ICRSE) which is one of the European networks of sex workers, sex worker organisations and allies who raise awareness of the human rights issues that sex workers face. Pye is also a member of INPUD (the international Network of People who Use Drugs) as she is very sympathetic of the rights of sex workers who use drugs. Her involvement with INPUD has led to her acting as a consultant for Harm Reduction International (HRI) at the last two International Harm Reduction Conferences. She is currently on the advisory board of the Global Coalition on Women and Aids (GCWA) and a persistent and vocal critic of the Swedish Model that criminalises the clients of sex workers. Pye firmly believes that sex work is work and that that the human rights of sex workers should be upheld.

NSWP and its members are confident in Pye and her ability to lead the Global Network over the next two years.