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Israel moves to criminalise sex work with various new measures, including push for the Nordic Model

The Israeli Prostitution Task Force Committee’s promise to carry out ‘a large-scale offensive to root out lap dances from strip clubs’ is just one several concurrent attacks on sex workers’ rights currently being launched by the Israeli Knesset (Parliament).

Sex workers organise international day of action in memory of Vanessa Campos

Sex worker groups have organised an international day of action on 21st September to honour the memory of Vanessa Campos, a sex worker who was killed in Paris in August.

Que pensent les du sexe de la loi prostitution?

Le 13 avril 2016, la France adoptait la loi « visant à renforcer la lutte contre le système prostitutionnel et à accompagner les personnes prostituées », devenant ainsi le deuxième pays de l’Union européenne à sanctionner les clients des du sexe. Depuis, deux chercheurs, Hélène Le Bail et Calogero Giametta, en collaboration avec 11 associations ont mené une enquête afin de documenter les impacts de cette nouvelle législation sur la santé, les droits et les conditions de vie des du sexe en France.

Sex workers condemn proposals for FOSTA-style laws in the UK

NSWP joins sex worker-led organisations in the UK to condemn attempts to introduce FOSTA-style laws criminalising online platforms used by sex workers.

Sex workers protest acquittal of three men accused of raping a sex worker

Sex workers in Spain have protested the acquittal of three men accused of raping a sex worker. 24 hours after being arrested, the three men accused of rape had been released under the restraining order. The men denied the rape “because the woman is a prostitute”. 

ICRSE and SWAN hold community mobilisation training in Poland and Albania for the first time

ICRSE and SWAN recently hosted training on community mobilisation and activism for the first time in Poland and Albania. The training took place over two days and was then followed by a roundtable with several NGOs.

What do sex workers think about the French Prostitution Act?

In 2016, France adopted a law criminalising the clients of sex workers. This report focuses on the impact of this new legislation on the health, rights and living conditions of sex workers in the country. 

An 8-page synthesis of this report is available in English above, and the synthesis and full report are available in French on the Médecins du Monde website