Where our members work

NSWP’s members are local, national and regional sex worker organisations and networks, across five regions: Africa; Asia and the Pacific; Europe (including Eastern Europe and Central Asia); Latin America and North America and the Caribbean. Members in each region elect two representatives to the NSWP Board of Directors.

All member organisations are required to endorse NSWP’s core values and the Consensus Statement on Sex Work, Human Rights, and the Law. Only sex worker-led organisations and networks have voting rights.

NSWP members are from diverse cultures and have different experiences and organisational histories. Most are independent sex worker-led organisations, some are informal groups of sex workers within larger organisations and some are non-governmental organisations who support sex workers rights. Some member organisations provide services, some focus on advocacy, some on mobilising to reduce vulnerability – all work on human rights issues that affect the health and well-being of sex workers.

You can find our members through the regional pages or by clicking on the red umbrellas on the map.

Note: For both safety and security NSWP does not identify which members are sex worker-led on our website, and members can choose not to be listed on the public website.


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Regional updates

25th August 2017 by NSWP | Region: Global

The NSWP Global Fund Quarterly Update includes information about the most recent topics being discussed and addressed within the Global Fund. In 2017, there will be a total of 4 updates.

21st August 2017 by NSWP | Region: Africa

The Nigeria Sex Workers Association- Precious Jewels (NSWA) submitted this shadow report to the 67th CEDAW Session, which took place in July 2017. The report focuses on the impact of stigma, penalisation and discrimination on female sex workers' ability to access HIV prevention and health services, and their vulnerability to HIV and violence at the hands of police. The report also provides background information about NSWA and economic, health, and population context in Nigeria.

21st August 2017 by NSWP | Region: Asia and the Pacific

This report by Empower Foundation Thailand describes the organisation’s experience submitting a shadow report to and attending the CEDAW committee’s 67th session in Summer, 2017.  The report includes detailed information on all stages of Empower’s engagement with CEDAW, including their goals for engagement, drafting their report, and participating in formal and informal CEDAW sessions in Geneva.

21st August 2017 by NSWP | Region: Asia and the Pacific

Empower Foundation Thailand submitted this shadow report to the 67th CEDAW session, which took place in July 2017. The report focuses on raids against entertainment industry establishments, which are perpetuated by the conflation of sex work and trafficking. The report details entrapment and police violence during raids, as well as lack of access to a fair trial, labour protections, and health for Thai sex workers. A detailed report on their experiences engaging with the CEDAW committee is also available here.

18th August 2017 by NSWP | Region: Global

This case study is the first of five case studies that will be published on a yearly basis from 2016-2021. These case studies will monitor and document the impact of international guidelines and policies on sex work that NSWP and NSWP members have helped develop. NSWP will also monitor how members use these international guidelines in local, national and regional advocacy efforts. Examples of international guidelines include the Amnesty International Policy on State Obligations to Respect, Protect, and Fulfil the Human Rights of Sex Workers, the Sex Worker Implementation Tool, and the development of the UN Women policy on sex work.

18th August 2017 by NSWP | Region: Global

Esta nota informativa de la NSWP comparte información sobre la reinstauración y la expansión de la Ley Mordaza Global de Estados Unidos, una política que prohíbe la entrega de ciertos tipos de fondos de salud de EEUU a organizaciones fuera de EEUU que realicen abortos, compartan información sobre los mismos o que promuevan la legalización del aborto.

18th August 2017 by NSWP | Region: Global

В данной информационной записке НСВП содержатся справочные сведения о возвращении США к правилу глобального кляпа, в соответствии с которым запрещено выделять некоторые виды финансирования из бюджета США на охрану международного здоровья неамериканским организациям, проводящим аборты, распространяющим сведения об абортах или добивающимся легализации абортов.

18th August 2017 by NSWP | Region: Global

Cette note d’information de NSWP apporte des informations concernant la restauration et l’élargissement par les États-Unis de la « règle du bâillon mondial » : cette politique interdit d’attribuer aux organisations non américaines qui pratiquent l’avortement, informent activement le public ou promeuvent la légalisation de l’avortement certaines subventions pour l’aide internationale au développement pour la santé.

18th August 2017 by NSWP | Region: Global


14th August 2017 by NSWP | Region: Global

Ежегодный доклад содержит описание деятельности и достижений НСВП за 2016 год. На протяжении этого года организация среди прочего проводила обучающие мероприятия, оказывала техническую помощь региональным сетям и занималась разработкой адвокационных инструментов, с помощью которых можно продемонстрировать необходимость соблюдения прав человека секс-работников.