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NSWP endorses Empower Foundation, Thailand and the English Collective of Prostitutes' call for sex worker participation during the Women's Strike on 8 March. This statement is being released on International Sex Workers' Rights Day. Their statement can be found below.

3rd March 2017 by NSWP

NSWP is seeking to recruit a Policy Officer to support the Senior Policy Officer in developing advocacy tools and in providing input to policy documents and forums in line with the NSWP Consensus Statement and the priorities set by the NSWP Board.

28th February 2017 by NSWP

NSWP's Bridging the Gaps sex worker programme partner AidsFonds is looking for a policy officer. The details of their job posting is below. Sex workers are encouraged to apply!

19th February 2017 by NSWP

From 29 January to 2 February 2017, NSWP hosted a meeting with the regional networks part of the sex worker networks’ consortium to share experiences and plan the next year of the Robert Carr Fund for Civil Society Networks’ grant (RCNF) and Bridging the Gaps (BtG) grant. RCNF provides funding to regional networks to offer training to sex workers on the Global Fund and the Sex Worker Implementation Tool.

14th February 2017 by NSWP


3rd February 2017 by NSWP

На сегодняшний день основное внимание Глобального фонда уделено двум вопросам: распределение средств по странам на 2017-2019 гг., а также определение приоритетов и критериев для каталитического финансирования.

3rd February 2017 by NSWP

L’évènement le plus important à retenir actuellement, c’est l’allocation des financements par le Fonds mondial aux pays éligibles pour la période 2017 - 2019 ainsi que l'élaboration de la liste d'admissibilité et des priorités pour les investissements à effet catalyseur.

3rd February 2017 by NSWP

En estos momentos, la acción más importante del Fondo Mundial es el tema de las Asignaciones de País entre 2017 y 2019 y el desarrollo de la lista y prioridades de la Inversión Catalítica.

3rd February 2017 by NSWP

Currently, the most important Global Fund action is the issue of Country Allocations for 2017 - 2019 and the development of the list and priorities for Catalytic Investment.

The Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCM) have received the Funding Allocation letter. Sex workers and sex workers’ rights organisations should contact their Community Representatives on their CCM and request that they share the contents of the Allocation letter. This is not a confidential letter and there is no reason why sex workers and sex workers’ rights organisations should not see the contents.

23rd December 2016 by NSWP

In preparation for Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), UN Women convened an Expert Group Meeting on the priority theme: “Women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work.” The meeting was at the International Labour Organization (ILO) Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, from 26 to 28 September 2016. The report included recommendations about sex work, including the decriminalisation of sex workers and clients in order to safeguard the human rights of sex workers.

22nd December 2016 by NSWP