The Needs and Rights of Male Sex Workers

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This briefing paper has been developed in line with the NSWP priority to focus on and highlight the needs and rights of male sex workers. This paper presents an overview of some of the main issues faced by male sex workers (MSW) globally and highlights some of the advocacy and activism efforts by male sex worker communities that have challenged these issues. A 7 page summary is also available.

This paper is intended for those who make policy, design and implement programmes, and work directly with MSW in the hope of increasing awareness and understanding of the multiple realities and needs of this community. This paper is also intended as an advocacy tool for NSWP member groups to utilise in their attempts to raise awareness across the world of the needs of MSW and advocate for their rights from the grassroots community level to global forums for change.

The paper begins with an exploration of the diverse realities of MSW communities and the contexts in which MSW operate. Discussion is then focused on the specific issues faced by MSW as disclosed in NSWP forums, networks and an online survey carried out in 2013. The paper includes examples of NSWP member groups’ efforts to mobilise communities of MSW to advocate for their rights, showing activism that is being carried out by the community.

You can download this 10 page document above. This resource is in English.