Briefing Paper: The Needs and Rights of Trans Sex Workers

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This briefing paper focuses on the issues and needs identified by trans sex workers (TSW) as disclosed in NSWP forums including an online questionnaire and face-to-face focus groups. Attention is first given to the issue of intersectionality, aiming to give context to the community of TSW before examining the needs and rights of this group. Legal situations are then discussed, noting how legislative systems can have an impact on the lives and work of TSW worldwide. Discussion then moves to look at the issues and needs of TSW, beginning with a discussion on violence before looking at how discrimination impacts access to education and employment, housing, justice, and appropriate health care services. The paper concludes by drawing attention to the need to support the advocacy and activism of TSW groups around the world in challenging the needs identified and offering recommendations for those who design and implement policy and programmes, and those who represent and work directly with TSW. The paper includes examples of NSWP member groups’ efforts to mobilise communities of TSW to advocate for their rights, showing activism that is being carried out by the community.

You can download this 14 page document above. This resource is in English.