насилие в отношении секс-работников

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NSWP denounces the harassment, arrests and detention of sex workers in DRC

NSWP denounces the harassment, arrests and detention of sex workers as part of the recently launched ‘Ujana’ programme in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Canadian sex worker organisations organise #JusticeforMoka campaign

Last week Maggie’s Toronto Sex Worker Action Project, a NSWP member org based in Ontario, Canada, issued a community action alert to raise awareness and support for Moka, a black trans woman currently being held in a men’s prison for defending herself against a violent client.

Arbitrary arrest of sex workers in DRC

Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo is currently in the midst of a massive operation against sex workers.

Sex workers organise international day of action in memory of Vanessa Campos

Sex worker groups have organised an international day of action on 21st September to honour the memory of Vanessa Campos, a sex worker who was killed in Paris in August.

Sex workers and women's rights groups protest after kidnapping and murder of women in Uganda

Women’s and sex workers’ rights activists are protesting in Uganda following increasing numbers of violent attacks on women, including women sex workers. Groups report that kidnapping of women for ransom and murder have become increasingly common crimes in Uganda, and that there has not been sufficient investigation or justice for victims and their families.

Sex workers face multiple violations in the midst of the wave of violence in El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, but also the most densely populated. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, El Salvador has one of the highest murder rates in the world, and is also considered an epicentre of a gang crisis, along with Guatemala and Honduras, which it borders. Every day between 200 and 300 people are forced to migrate from El Salvador. Some do it to improve their economic situation, but many others are forced to leave under threat of death.

Sex workers protest acquittal of three men accused of raping a sex worker

Sex workers in Spain have protested the acquittal of three men accused of raping a sex worker. 24 hours after being arrested, the three men accused of rape had been released under the restraining order. The men denied the rape “because the woman is a prostitute”. 

Artemis' Umbrella: a new security app for sex workers

A new security application, Artemis' Umbrella, has been developed for sex workers in Finland, and can be used anywhere in the world. The app alerts a trusted contact when sex workers are in trouble, and uses location services to track the smart phone.



Краткое пособие для секс-работников по адвокационным инструментам и ресурсам, используемым самоорганизациями секс-работников для борьбы с насилием

В кратком пособии для секс-работников рассматриваются адвокационные инструменты и вмешательства, которые самоорганизации секс-работников мира используют в борьбе с насилием над секс-работниками. В своей работе мы опирались на инструкции, содержащиеся в главе 2 (Борьба с насилием в отношении секс-работников) "Инструмента реализации программ для секс-работников" (СВИТ). Краткое пособие будет полезно при разработке программ, инструментов и вмешательств по борьбе с насилием.