Sex worker leaders

The sex worker rights' movement is an extremely dynamic and diverse movement with an incredible mix of individuals who together advocate for the human rights of sex workers the world over. Sex workers leading grassroots activism and community building are an imense inspiration for other activists and advocates who are dedicating so much of themselves in the struggle to have the human rights of sex workers recognised and upheld the world over.

We will be profiling sex worker leaders regularly and if you would like to nominate someone to be profiled and recognised as a sex worker leader, please email communications [at] and let us know!

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Veteran sex worker rights activist and human rights defender, Alejandra Gil has been in custody on remand for charges related to Human Trafficking. The prosecution is still looking for evidence while finalising their case and all the while it is not certain when the final judgement will be reached by the Court in Mexico. The laws under which Alejandra are charged conflate human trafficking with sex work. Alejandra is one of a large number of women currently incarcerated in prisons all over Mexico under these new laws.
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