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Reviewing Sex Worker-Led Organisations' Use of International Guidelines

This case study is the first of five case studies that will be published on a yearly basis from 2016-2021. These case studies will monitor and document the impact of international guidelines and policies on sex work that NSWP and NSWP members have helped develop. NSWP will also monitor how members use these international guidelines in local, national and regional advocacy efforts. Examples of international guidelines include the Amnesty International Policy on State Obligations to Respect, Protect, and Fulfil the Human Rights of Sex Workers, the Sex Worker Implementation Tool, and the development of the UN Women policy on sex work.

社區指南: 瑞典模式性工作 者的真实影响

這是一個社區指南的关于性工作者的瑞 典模式的真正影响: 倡导工具包,一個有關瑞典模型的文件集合。 它可以用來挑戰廣泛促進這種有害的法律和政治方法對性工作的規範。

руководство сообщество: Подлинное влияние шведской модели на секс-работников

Это руководство сообщества к Набор адвокационных инструментов: Подлинное воздействие шведской модели на секс-работников, сборника статей о пагубном шведской модели. Он может быть использован, чтобы бросить вызов широкому продвижению этого пагубного правового и политического подхода к регулированию секс-бизнеса.

Guía Comunitaria: El Impacto Real del Modelo Sueco en las Personas que Ejercen Trabajo Sexual

Esta es una Guía de la Comunidad sobre el Kit de Herramientas de Abogacía: El Impacto Real del Modelo Sueco sobre las Personas que Ejercen el Trabajo Sexual, una colección de artículos sobre el modelo sueco dañino. Puede utilizarse para cuestionar la promoción generalizada de este enfoque jurídico y político perjudicial para la reglamentación del trabajo sexual.

Guide Communautaire: Le Réel Impact du Modèle Suédois sur les TravailleurSEs du Sexe

Ceci est un guide communautaire sur L’impact réel du modèle suédois sur les travailleurSEs du sexe: Outil de plaidoyer, une collection de documents sur le modèle suédois. Elle peut être utilisée pour contester la promotion généralisée de cette approche juridique et politique nuisible à la réglementation du travail du sexe.

National March Against Violence "Ni Una Menos"

Thousands of women, including sex workers protested violence (physical, sexual, and psychological) that women face in Peru on the 13 of August. There was a national march in 24 difference cities across  the country. Sex worker-led organisations such as "Mujeres del Sur" of Arequipa, " Movimiento de trabajadoras sexuales de Peru", "Miluska Vida y Dignidad", "Angel Azul" and "Cambio y Accion", and “PLAPERTS” participated in the march. They chanted in one voice, “Ni una mujer menos víctima  de violencia” “Ni una trabajadora sexual menos.”

Ángela Villón Loses Election in Peru

Ángela Villón, a 50-year-old woman, a sex worker, a mother and active advocate for the rights of sex workers, ran for Congress and lost on the 10th of April, 2016. Despite loosing, she decided to support her running mate Veronica Mendoza from the Frente Amplio party. Veronica Mendoza also supports sex workers’ rights and works with Ángela Villón. Veronica Mendoza is running for president, and the vote will take place on the 5th of June, 2016.

Sex Workers in West Bengal Demand Respect from Politicians

Sex Workers in West Bengal are using the upcoming election to remind politicians they need to keep their promises. Sex workers may exercise the ‘none of the above option’ (NOTA) on ballots to tell politicians that they are not happy with them. Many politicians have not shown commitment to taking action on the demands of sex worker-led organisations, as reported by The Statesman.

Sex Worker Politics and the Term ‘Sex Work’

This article explores the origins, use and meaning of the term ‘sex work’. It is written by sex worker and PhD student Elena Jeffreys and was published in Research for Sex Work 14: Sex Work is Work.

La Política de las Personas Profesionales del Sexo y el Término ‘Trabajo Sexual’

Este artículo explora los orígenes, el uso y el significado del término "trabajo sexual". Está escrito por profesional del sexo y el estudiante de doctorado Elena Jeffreys y fue publicado en Investigación para el Research for Sex Work 14: Trabajo Sexual es Trabajo.