community-based organising

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Nicaragua Labour Ministry Formally Recognises Sex Worker Union

In June 2017, Nicaragua became the third country in Central America to have a sex workers’ union recognised by the Ministry of Labour, after Colombia and Guatemala. In Nicaragua, the sex workers’ union is attached to the Confederation of Self-Employed Workers.

Zimbabwe's Court Denies the Right of Sex Workers to Associate

The Sexual Rights Centre (SRC), an organisation that provides health services to sex workers in Zimbabwe filed an application at the Bulawayo High Court. They were seeking an order to compel Home Affairs minister Igantius Chombo to stop interfering with the sex workers' awareness march. The march was meant to raise awareness around increasing violence against sex workers in Zimbabwe. The application was dismissed by the courts on 6 July 2017. The march was meant to occur in December 2015, but still remains banned.



NSWP Plan stratégique: 2013 - 2015

Cette ressource est le plan stratégique de la NSWP 2013-2015, et comme cela sera utile à ce travailleur du sexe à la recherche d'un modèle des organisations sur lesquelles fonder leur propre document stratégique de l'organisation. Le plan stragetic mettra à jour également Organisations membres et les travailleurs du sexe A propos de l'accent prévu de NSWP pour les dix-huit prochains mois.

New Database Tracks Human Rights Violations in the Caribbean

NSWP Member Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC), a working group of organisations and leaders advocating for populations affected by HIV, launched an online database this month. The Shared Information Database

Argentinian Sex Workers Talk About Sex Work in Mexico

Many Latin American sex workers groups came to Cancún, Mexico to join the Organization of American States (OAS) 47th General Assembly from 19 - 21 of June. The Theme of the General Assembly was “Strengthening Dialogue and Concertation for Prosperity.” At the event there were speeches and several panels demanding the acceptance of sex work as work, removal of the laws that criminalise sex work and endangering the life, health, and safety of sex workers, and insistance on the importance of taking measures to ensure that the human rights, safety and dignity of sex workers are respected, protected, and guaranteed.

Melbourne University Building to be Renamed after Student Campaigning

The building at the entrance to Melbourne University, Australia, will no longer bear the name of its condemned former head of anatomy, and Dean of Medicine, Richard Berry. Berry actively lobbied for the "sterilisation, segregation and the lethal chamber" of sex workers, Indigenous peoples, and other marginalised people who he claimed to be of "rotten heredity." The renaming of the building is the result of long-standing campaign by a group of staff and students.

Karnataka Sex Workers Union Protest Unethical Research

Karnataka Sex Workers Union held protests and spoke out about recent attempts to conduct invasive unethical research on sex workers, without proper community involvement. In a press release issued on 18 March, 2017 entitled “Sex Workers don’t need sympathy! Sex workers need workers rights!!” the Union spoke about the various ways the research report in question “violates research methodologies, research ethics and several national and international protocols/guidelines.”

Día internacional por los derechos de las personas que ejercen el trabajo sexual

3 Mar
En 2001 más de 25,000 personas que ejercían el trabajo sexual se unieron en la India para un festival a pesar de los esfuerzos por parte de grupos prohibicionistas que intentaron detenerlo, presionando al gobierno a que les anulara el permiso a los organizadores. El evento fue organizado por el Comité Durbar Mahila Samanwaya, un grupo con sede en Calcuta con más de 50,000 miembros que ejercen el trabajo sexual más miembros de sus comunidades.

Международный день защиты прав секс-работников

3 Mar
В 2001 году около 25 000 секс-работников смогли собраться на фестивале в Индии, несмотря на то, что организации аболиционистов пытались этому помешать, призывая правительство отозвать выданное разрешение. Мероприятие проводил Комитет Дурбар Махила Саманвая— расположенная в Калькутте организация, объединяющая более 50 000 секс-работников и людей из сообщества. Впоследствии организации секс-работников из разных стран мира стали отмечать этот день как Международный день защиты прав секс-работников.