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Independent Multi-Country Review of Community Engagement in Grant Making & Implementation Processes

The Community, Rights, and Gender (CRG) Department of the Global Fund Secretariat has published this document which shares findings and recommendations for increasing the meaningful engagement of communities in all phases of Global Fund grants. The review summarises lessons learned and good practices for how communities engage meaningfully, and identifies key principles and strategic actions the Global Fund can take to ensure greater accountability between communities, Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs), other key stakeholders, and the Global Fund itself.

New Mobile Phone Application for Sex Workers in Russia

An application for mobile phones was developed for sex workers in Russia. The application is called Red Umbrella (Красный Зонт) and its goal is to inform male, female and transgender sex workers about their rights, sexually transmitted infections, about the history of sex workers’ movement in Russia and in the world.

Transgender Sex Workers meet in Kiev, Ukraine from 11-15 of February

From the 11 - 15 February 2017, NSWP member HPLGBT organised and conducted mobilisation activities for transgender sex workers and their allies in Kiev, Ukraine.

NSWP is Recruiting a Full-Time Policy Officer

NSWP is seeking to recruit a Policy Officer to support the Senior Policy Officer in developing advocacy tools and in providing input to policy documents and forums in line with the NSWP Consensus Statement and the priorities set by the NSWP Board.

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年度報告 2015


  • NSWP秘書處
  • 從2015年的看法
  • NSWP會員資格
  • NSWP亮點
  • NSWP成就
  • NSWP和夥伴關係致力於促進性工作者權利
  • 展望2016年
  • 2015年財務摘要
您可以下載此16頁的PDF文檔。 此資源有中文,英文法文,俄文和西班牙文。

Годовой отчет 2015

Годовой отчет освещает деятельность и достижения NSWP в 2015 году Эти мероприятия включают наращивание потенциала, оказание технической поддержки региональным сетям и развитие информационно-пропагандистских инструментов, которые приносят прав человека секс-работников в центр внимания.

Rapport Annuel 2015

Le rapport annuel met l'accent sur les activités et réalisations du NSWP en 2015. Ces activités comprennent le renforcement des capacités, l'appui technique aux réseaux régionaux et le développement d'outils de plaidoyer qui mettent en valeur les droits humains des travailleurSEs du sexe.

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Informe Anual 2015

El Informe Anual destaca las actividades y los logros del NSWP en 2015. Estas actividades incluyen la creación de capacidad, el apoyo técnico a las redes regionales y el desarrollo de herramientas de promoción que ponen en evidencia los derechos humanos de las trabajadoras sexuales.
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Ireland Passes Law Criminalising Clients of Sex Workers

A new sex work law has been adopted in Ireland. The Sexual Offences Bill criminalises the purchase of sexual services and increase the penalties for indoor sex workers. Ireland has become a seventh country (after Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Canada, and France) to adopt the “Nordic Model” of criminalising the clients of sex workers.

NSWP Convenes Consortium Meeting

From 29 January to 2 February 2017, NSWP hosted a meeting with the regional networks part of the sex worker networks’ consortium to share experiences and plan the next year of the Robert Carr Fund for Civil Society Networks’ grant (RCNF) and Bridging the Gaps (BtG) grant. RCNF provides funding to regional networks to offer training to sex workers on the Global Fund and the Sex Worker Implementation Tool.