violence against sex workers

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Sex workers protest acquittal of three men accused of raping a sex worker

Sex workers in Spain have protested the acquittal of three men accused of raping a sex worker. 24 hours after being arrested, the three men accused of rape had been released under the restraining order. The men denied the rape “because the woman is a prostitute”. 

Artemis' Umbrella: a new security app for sex workers

A new security application, Artemis' Umbrella, has been developed for sex workers in Finland, and can be used anywhere in the world. The app alerts a trusted contact when sex workers are in trouble, and uses location services to track the smart phone.



Краткое пособие для секс-работников по адвокационным инструментам и ресурсам, используемым самоорганизациями секс-работников для борьбы с насилием

В кратком пособии для секс-работников рассматриваются адвокационные инструменты и вмешательства, которые самоорганизации секс-работников мира используют в борьбе с насилием над секс-работниками. В своей работе мы опирались на инструкции, содержащиеся в главе 2 (Борьба с насилием в отношении секс-работников) "Инструмента реализации программ для секс-работников" (СВИТ). Краткое пособие будет полезно при разработке программ, инструментов и вмешательств по борьбе с насилием. 

New legislation poses threat to sex workers in the U.S.

On 27th February, the House of Representatives passed a new Bill affecting sex workers in the United States: H.R. 1865 [Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017], known as 'FOSTA'. This bill makes it a federal crime for online platform providers to 'facilitate sex trafficking', also criminalising the users of these sites.

Guide futé des travailleurSEs du sexe : les outils de plaidoyer et les ressources utilisées par les organisations dirigées par des travailleurSEs du sexe pour combattre la violence

Ce « Guide futé des travailleurSEs du sexe » donne un aperçu des outils de plaidoyer et des ressources auxquels ont recours les organisations dirigées par des travailleurSEs du sexe pour combattre la violence dont sont victimes les travailleurSEs du sexe. Il s’inspire des recommandations du chapitre 2, « Riposte à la violence à l’encontre des travailleurSEs du sexe », de l’Outil de mise en œuvre pour les travailleurSEs du sexe (SWIT). Cette ressource pourra être utile à l’élaboration de programmes, d’outils et d’interventions de riposte à la violence.

Smart Guide: Advocacy Tools and Resources Used by Sex Worker-Led Organisations to Combat Violence

This ‘Smart Sex Workers’ Guide’ provides an overview of the advocacy tools and interventions used by sex worker-led organisations globally to combat violence against sex workers. It builds on the guidance provided in ‘Addressing Violence Against Sex Workers’, chapter 2 of the Sex Worker Implementation Tool (SWIT). This resource may be useful with designing programmes, tools and other approaches to addressing violence.

Protests following murder of a sex worker in Kisii

Sex workers took to the streets in Kisii, Kenya, demanding action against the killers of their colleague Jescah, known as Msupa Brown. Jescah was reportedly gang-raped before being brutally murdered in December last year. The sex workers, who came from various parts of the country, demonstrated to stand in solidarity with local sex workers following the heinous killings in Kisii.