Flash Mob for the Rights of Sex Workers in Portugal

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On the night of April 30th to May 1st, the Rede sobre Trabalho Sexual (Portuguese Sex Work
Network) will organise - in partnership with several activists for the rights of Sex Workers – a Flash
Mob for the Rights of Sex Workers (SW) in Portugal.
“Sex Work is Work” is the motto of the initiative, a slogan that was already adopted in 2012 during
the first Portuguese consciousness raising campaign about the need to recognise and dignify sex work in Portugal. “We All Have Different Jobs, But Deserve Equal Rights” is also another motto of the event, which reinforces the demand for equal labour rights for sex workers.
The Flash Mob for the Rights of Sex Workers is a national initiative that will take place in Porto and Lisbon and will be start with the opening up of red umbrellas- the international symbol of sex workers’ rights. This gesture will happen at the same time in both cities, precisely at 00:15 on May 1st. This event is public, so the general public can participate.
The meeting points are the following:
• Lisbon: 23:30, Rua Nova do Carvalho – Cais do Sodré
• Porto: 23:30, Praça Gomes Teixeira – “Praça dos Leões”
After all the umbrellas are open, (00:15) the Flash Mob participants will go around the surrounding area, to hand out flyers containing messages chosen by the SW community. Digital participation will also be promoted, through the upload of photos and videos of this event on social networks, accompanied by hashtags #RedUmbrella and the corresponding city.
View the original press release by downloading the PDF below.