Victory for sex workers in France!

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ICRSE welcomes the withdrawal of the criminalisation of clients of sex workers from the law proposal that will be presented to the French Senate.

In the words of STRASS, the French Union of Sex Workers: “the Senate Select Committee has taken the time to organise real hearings, to listen to all points of view, including those of national and international health and human rights organisations and considered the evidence of the negative impact of the criminalisation of clients of sex workers.  Above all, the Senate Select Committee has taken into account the voices of those first concerned, sex workers themselves.”

This is a great victory for sex workers who have fought tirelessly against this law proposal not only in France but in every country where this dangerous approach has threatened our livelihood and our safety.

ICRSE hope that this victory in France will inspire sex workers to keep fighting for their rights and for organisations and policy-makers supporting the failed Swedish Model to really consider the growing amount of evidence against it, to follow the steps of the French Senate Select Committee and to abandon the criminalisation of clients in favour of the only human rights based approach to sex work: full decriminalisation."

For more information Contact Strass: or ICRSE: info [at]

The statement above appeared on the International Committee for the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE) website.