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Is selling sex criminalised?: 

Selling sex is legal. It is illegal however to communicate in a public place that is in view of or next to a school, playground or daycare centre. Communication does not mean verbal communication, just being in public as a sex worker in prohibited places is criminalised.

Is buying sex criminalised?: 

Buying sex is criminalised and communicating for the purposes of buying sex is also criminalised

Is organising/managing criminalised?: 

Advertising for sex work is criminalised. Procuring is criminalised and includes consensual organising. Obtaining a material benefit is criminalised (exemption for those in "legitimate living arrangement" with a sex worker.

Is there mandatory HIV/STI testing?: 


Is there mandatory registration?: 


Is sex work recognised as work?: 


Is sex work decriminalised with limited regulation?: 


Sources/further reading: 

Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act 2014 - Sexual Rights Initiative Database, available at Chez Stella - information leaflets on the new Canadian laws -

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