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Is selling sex criminalised?: 

Selling sex itself not addressed in the law but soliciting in a public place is illegal

Is buying sex criminalised?: 

Not generally although buying in a public place is illegal. Also, buying sex from someone who is trafficked or "procured" is a criminal offence.

Is organising/managing criminalised?: 

Organising and managing is criminalised. Pandering includes mediating and procuring in 'prostitution', supplying premises, harbouring sex workers - all criminalised.

Is there mandatory HIV/STI testing?: 


Is there mandatory registration?: 


Are there travel restrictions that apply only or specifically to sex workers?: 

The immigration law of Finland has an express provision that allows them to refuse entry if "there are reasonable grounds to suspect that he or she may sell sexual services".

Is sex work recognised as work?: 


Is sex work decriminalised with limited regulation?: 


Sources/further reading: 

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