Australia, Queensland

Is selling sex criminalised?

Selling sex is legal under certain restrictive conditions, a) if you are working totally independently as a private worker (cannot share space with another sex worker) or b) working in a licensed brothel. All other forms of sex work are illegal including street work

Is buying sex criminalised?


Is organising/managing criminalised?

Brothels are regulated and must be licensed.

Is there mandatory HIV/STI testing?

Legal duty to ensure workers in licensed brothels are STI free so in effect this creates de facto mandatory testing. Regular testing defined as every 3 months

Is there mandatory registration?


If sex work is regulated, is it in line with other work, or are the regulations unfair or overly restrictive?

No -restrictions are very onerous

Is sex work decriminalised with limited regulation?

No - not full decriminalisation

Sources/further reading

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