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Is selling sex criminalised?: 

Selling sex is legal in Senegal only if sex workers register and have regular medical check ups. Only about a quarter of sex workers are registered in Senegal. The rest are working illegally. In addition it is illegal to solicit.

Is buying sex criminalised?: 


Is organising/managing criminalised?: 

Yes - "pimping", acting as an intermediary, owning a ‘prostitution establishment’ and 'living with a person habitually engaged in prostitution' are all illegal. Authorities also tightly regulate locations of commercial sex businesses.

Is there mandatory HIV/STI testing?: 

Yes - if registered - have to have health check ups every month

Is there mandatory registration?: 

Yes - to work legally must register and carry with them at all times a "Carnet Sanitaire"

If sex work is regulated, is it in line with other work, or are the regulations unfair or overly restrictive?: 

No - restrictions are onerous

Is sex work recognised as work?: 


Is sex work decriminalised with limited regulation?: 


Sources/further reading: 

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