South Africa

Is selling sex criminalised?

Selling sex itself is criminalised in South Africa - "unlawful carnal intercourse or commits an act of indecency for reward". Soliciting in a public place is also criminalised separately.

Is buying sex criminalised?

Yes buying sex was explicitly criminalised under section 11 of the Sexual Offences Amendment Act 2007

Is organising/managing criminalised?

Brothel-keeping, procuring and living on the earnings, 'facilitating prostitution'/'enabling communication for purposes of prostitution' are criminalised.

Is sex work recognised as work?


Is sex work decriminalised with limited regulation?


Sources/further reading

South African Law Commission, Report on Adult Prostitution, published in 2017 - Human Rights Watch, Why Sex Work Should be Decriminalised in South Africa, 2019 -

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