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NSWP mourn the passing of a leader in the fight for sex workers' rights, Manjula Ramaiah. Manjula passed away in June from COVID-19 complications. Manjula was a strong leader and frontline worker who founded sex worker community networks and served on the board of several key organisations as a champion for the human rights of sex workers and those living with HIV.
9 Julio 2021
Red Umbrella Fund provides flexible core funding to support the general coordination, functioning and strengthening of a group, organisation or network and its members.
22 Junio 2021
The All India Network of Sex Workers (AINSW), a collective of 5 million sex workers in India and a member of NSWP, last week wrote to the Delhi government demanding better access to vaccines for sex workers and transgender people. The Hindustan Times reported on the letter, including quotes from AINSW.
15 Junio 2021

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Este es el primero de una serie de videos de NSWP llamados Datos básicos sobre el Fondo Mundial. En este video, conocerá la historia del Fondo Mundial, cómo está estructurado, cómo funciona, las tres delegaciones de la sociedad civil y los tres comités permanentes.
8 Julio 2021
The HIV Policy Lab – an online platform that gathers and monitors laws and policies adopted by countries around the world, documenting where key HIV science has been translated into policy –has developed a set of analyses to support advocacy around the UN High-Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS 2021 and 10-10-10 targets.
7 Junio 2021
Este es un resumen de la Declaración de Consenso de NSWP sobre Trabajo Sexual, Derechos Humanos y la Ley. La Declaración de Consenso se emite en nombre de los miembros de NSWP y los trabajadores del sexo a quien representen incluidos los trabajadores sexuales de todos los géneros, la clase, la raza, el origen étnico, estado de sal
2 Junio 2021