Violence against Sex Workers Report - Oslo, Norway

Av Ulla Bjørndahl
Source (institute/publication)
Pro Sentret

Pro Sentret, the sex workers rights organisation based in Oslo, Norway have published a report outlining the deteriorating conditions and increasing violence against sex workers in the Norwegian capital. 

Laws introduced in Norway in 2009 to criminalise the purchase of sex, similar to those in Sweden, are often hailed by groups taking an 'end demand' approach as 'protecting' sex workers.  This report challenges that claim and also outlines how sex workers are also more vulnerable to riskier sexual practices, are less likely to report abuses to the police and how the law has meant police checks on migrant workers have soared.

The report has led to calls from a prominent Conservative Party politician to repeal the law, as outlined in this aricle in Norwegian paper The Local

The report, entitled Farlige Forbindelser (Dangerous Liaisons) is only available in Norwegian currently, however, you can also read an analysis of the report on the blog Feminist Ire.

If you speak Norwegian you can download this 65 page PDF report below.

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