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COVID-19 Encuesta de Impacto – Latinoamérica

En abril de 2020, la NSWP lanzó una encuesta global para entender el impacto de la COVID-19 sobre las personas que ejercen el trabajo sexual. La encuesta recibió 156 respuestas de un total de 55 países de las cuales 9 encuestados fueron de 4 países en la región de Latinoamérica, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador y El Salvador.

NSWP Statement of Support for Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) would like to take this opportunity to express its support for Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng, who in July 2020 was appointed as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health.

UNAIDS issues guidance on reducing stigma and discrimination during COVID-19 responses

UNAIDS have published a brief that provides evidence-informed guidance to countries on how to reduce stigma and discrimination in the context of COVID-19. The brief outlines specific recommendations for addressing stigma and discrimination related to COVID-19 in six settings: community settings, including individuals, families and communities; workplace settings; education settings; health-care settings; justice settings; and emergency/humanitarian settings.

Enquête d’Impact COVID-19 – Amérique Latine

En Avril 2020, le NSWP a lancé une enquête mondiale pour comprendre l’impact du COVID-19 sur les travailleurSEs du sexe. L’enquête a reçu 156 réponses au total de 55 pays différents dont 9 réponses de 4 pays – Brésil, Colombie, Equateur, et El Salvador – dans la région d’Amérique Latine.

COVID-19 Impact – Latin America

2020年4月,NSWP发起了一项全球调查,以了解COVID-19对性工作者的影响。调查共收到来自55个不同国家的156份回复,其中9份来自拉丁美洲地区的4个国家——巴西、哥伦比亚、厄瓜多尔和萨尔瓦多 。



COVID-19 Impact – Latin America

In April 2020, NSWP launched a global survey to understand the impact of COVID-19 on sex workers. The survey received 156 responses in total, from 55 different countries, out of which 9 responses were from 4 countries – Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and El Salvador – in the Latin America region.

Amnesty International: Include sex workers in the COVID-19 response

Amnesty International have released a statement urging governments to take targeted action to address the disparate impact of COVID-19 on sex workers. The statement draws attention to government responses that, in many contexts, have been punitive, overbroad, and/or discriminatory, and provides key recommendations.

NSWP 全球基金会季度更新-2018年12月


第四十届全球基金会理事会会议在 11 月 14-15 日于日内瓦成功举办。理事会批准通过了全 球基金会秘书处的执行费用(OPEX)和工作计划,并且在 2017-2019 年间,该基金仍然保持 在董事会设定的九亿美元预算上限内。

另一个主要决定有关私营部门的参与(Private Sector Engagement)。对私营部门参与来说, 有一些准入门槛,包括排除烟草工业、军火工业和色情产业。我们就色情产业是否允许进入 私营部门参与名单进行争论,因为它是性产业的一部分并且包括了性工作者。不幸的是,我 们没能成功说服理事会,色情产业仍然被排除在外。如果性工作者代表加入全球基金会社区 代表团,这个论点可能会因此被加强,而现在却没有性工作者代表参与。

委员会注意到了私营部门参与的结构调整,这将会指导未来基金会与私营企业的关系,并且 确认了就资源调动和在国家层面共享特定能力方面私营企业对全球基金会的重要性。

НСВП - Ежеквартальные Новости О Глобальном Фонде - Декабрь 2018

It has been a relatively quiet period for the Global Fund, with little activity that impacts on sex workers.

The 40th Global Fund Board meeting was held in Geneva between 14th-15th November. The Board approved the Global Fund Secretariat operating expenses (OPEX) and work-plan, and it remains within the budget limit set by the Board at a maximum of US$900 million over the 2017-2019 period.