Estigma y discriminación

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Swedish Appeals Court Approves Discrimination Against ‘Asian-Looking Women’ on the Grounds of ‘Preventing Prostitution’

A pub called Harry’s Bar in Vaxjo in south central Sweden had a policy where they refused entry to “Asian-looking women”.  This policy was put in place on the grounds that the pub were trying to prevent prostitution from taking place on their premises as the pub owner had been informed by the police that prostitution was taking place in the area and that Asian women were involved.

Russian Sex Workers Continue the Fight to Register their Organisation

Serebryanaya Roza (Silver Rose) has been fighting for the rights of sex workers in Russia since 2006.  Today, the group has a presence in 10 regions across Russia, representing the interests of a large part of the estimated 3 million sex workers in the country.  They operate a hotline for sex workers and provide legal aid to sex workers in cases of violence and harassment. After many years of doing very valuable work Silver Rose is trying to obtain official recognition as an NGO from Russia’s Ministry of Justice. 

Sex Workers Targeted in Tajikistan

Amnesty International has drawn attention to violent police harassment of sex workers in Tajikistan.  In a press release issued on 13th June 2014 Amnesty describes the arrest, abuse and harassment of sex workers in Tajikistan as part of the government’s “morality” campaign.  According to the press release 500 sex workers have been arrested in the country since the 6t

Civil Society are concerned about the nature of sensationalist and offensive Daily Voice article in SA

Sex Workers Education and Advocacy taskforce (SWEAT), Sisonke Sex Workers Movement and TB/HIV Care Association are concerned by the tone and ramifications of the Daily Voice article published on 17 June 2014 titled: “Land of hookers and Aids – Blikkiesdorp’s prossies reveal shocking lives.

The article stated that “Blikkiesdorp, created by Western Cape Premier Helen Zille, is nothing more than a gang-infested slum of nearly 15000 people rife with crime and prostitution.”

Jasmine and Dora 4-Ever Video launched on Eve of Vote by EU to Support Criminalisation of Clients.

In 2012 during the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC, Carol Leigh from Bayswan met and interviewed Petite Jasmine with Pye Jakobbson from Rose Alliance of Sweden. Petite Jasmine was murdered one year later, a victim of the stigmatisation and legal discrimination that sex workers face.

Human Rights Groups Call For an End to Botswana Anti-Sex Work Campaign

Following reports that the Botswana Government is planning to target, arrest and possibly deport sex workers in the country, several human rights organisations have come out to strongly condemn this move.

The AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA) and the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, in a statement, strongly denounced this campaign and called for an end of the campaign.

Sex worker challenges California policy refusing rape victim support to sex workers.

A female sex worker in the US State of California is challenging a provision in its laws that deny rape and trauma support to sex workers. The sex worker, who was a victim of rape, was denied after-rape medical and mental health care on account of her status as a sex worker.