Estigma y discriminación

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NSWP launches new resources to mark International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers – 17th December 2011

To mark International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, 17th December, NSWP is pleased to announce the launch of some important resources that have been developed to be used as tools by sex worker rights activists and to inform a wide range of audiences including policy makers and programmers.

Harrassment of SA sex workers means low take-up of health care

Harassment by police and humiliation at clinics mean just 5 percent of sex workers in South Africa are getting access to health care.

Research by the Sex Worker Education Advocacy Taskforce (Sweat), says up to 60 percent of sex workers nationwide were HIV-positive.  

Micky Meji, national co-ordinator of the Africa Sex Worker Alliance, added that the infection rate was higher due to harassment by police, who often confiscated condoms from sex workers.

You can read the full story as reported in the South African Daily News here.  

Pan-India Survey of Sex Workers

This summary, written under the aegis of the Center for Advocacy on Stigma and Marginalisation (CASAM), presents the preliminary results of the first pan-India survey on sex workers. These preliminary findings have been developed for an event in Mumbai on 30 April 2011. The authors appreciate the opportunity to discuss their research with an audience of critical stakeholders. A report which provides their final analysis and data relating to male, trans sex workers, sexuality, stigma and discrimination as well as the 0.5% of 15-17 year olds in this sample will be published later in the year. For the final report please contact