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Ownership, Control, Access and Possesion

First Nations need to protect all information concerning themselves, their traditional knowledge and culture, including information resulting from research. The principles of Ownership, Control, Access and Possession (OCAP) enable self-determination over all research concerning First Nations. It offers a way for First Nations to make decisions regarding what research will be done, for what purpose information or data will be used, where the information will be physically stored and who will have access.

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Documenting the Experiences of Sex Workers

To prevent HIV transmission via commercial sex, a number of countries in the Asia and Near East (ANE) region have adopted “100% Condom Use Programmes” (100% CUPs). These programmes mandate consistent condom use during all commercial sex acts and outline sanctions against brothel management for failure to comply.

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Sex Work, HIV/AIDS, and Human Rights in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia

This report provides an overview of important issues that sex workers face in the region as well as to the political, economic, and social factors that influence policies and attitudes toward sex workers. It focuses primarily on existing laws and policies and their consequences from the perspective of HIV prevention and treatment. The report also offers recommendations designed to uphold sex workers’ human rights and remove barriers that reduce their ability or willingness to obtain access to consistent and equitable health care and other social services.

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International AIDS Conferent 2010 Report

In July 2010, sex workers and allies from nearly 40 countries, gathered at the 18th International AIDS Conference. "We carried red umbrellas everywhere we went, and demanded that funders, policy makers, researchers, and other organisations recognise and support the human rights of sex workers." This report gives an overview of the sex work-related activities during the conference.

Only Rights Can Stop the Wrongs: The Smart Person’s Guide to HIV and Sex Work

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects raises the voices of sex workers of all genders on issues that affect us. What these voices say about HIV is: SEX WORK IS WORK: Only rights can stop the wrongs. Unfavourable laws, stigma, violence, and discrimination cause sex workers’ vulnerability to ill health, social exclusion and human rights violations. Sex workers face these to varying degrees in all cultures from Switzerland to Swaziland, Canada to Cambodia. In this pamphlet, we define an understanding of HIV and sex work and outline our global agenda for change. We hope you will join and support us.

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UNAIDS Advisory Group on HIV and Sex Work 4-6 Nov 09 – Notes for Record Spanish

Esta es la versión en español de la nota del registro de noviembre de 2009 del Grupo Consultivo del ONUSIDA sobre el VIH y el trabajo sexual
Este documento detalla los acontecimientos de la reunión del grupo, incluyendo:
Resumen de la historia y los Términos de Referencia del Grupo Consultivo
Los nuevos desarrollos que inciden en la labor del Grupo Asesor
ONUSIDA Segunda Evaluación Independiente - Presentación
El Fondo Mundial de Orientación Sexual e Identidad de Género (Sogi) Estrategia - presentación.

Nota de orientación del ONUSIDA sobre el VIH y el trabajo sexual 2009 Spanish

Esta nota de orientación se ha elaborado para proporcionar a los copatrocinadores y la Secretaría del ONUSIDA un enfoque coordinado basado en los derechos humanos para promover el acceso universal a la prevención, el tratamiento, la atención y el apoyo del VIH en el contexto del trabajo sexual de adultos.