Stigma & Discrimination

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Statement on the Dignity of Sex Workers

Prostitutes of New York is an organisation of many kinds of workers in New York City’s
sex industry. PONY is a member of the international Network of Sex Work Projects,
which advocates for the rights of sex workers around the world. We are concerned about
two keywords that have arisen in anti-sex work anti-trafficking advocacy: “demand” and
“dignity.” This statement addresses use of the term “Dignity.”

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¿Qué Conexión Hay Entre la Industria del Sexo y la Familia Española?

Entre los temas relativos a la ‘prostitución’, usualmente se abordan los más melodramáticos: la pobreza del ‘tercer mundo’, el ‘tráfico’ de seres humanos, la violencia, la esclavitud, las enfermedades, la estigmatización, la marginación, la injusticia y el sufrimiento. No planteo ninguno de éstos en este ensayo. Tampoco intento explicar por qué existe la ‘prostitución’, ni definirla ni juzgarla; y sobre todo no pretendo entrar en la polémica de si algún ser humano puede ‘elegir’ el ejercerla.

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Only Rights Can Stop the Wrongs: The Smart Person’s Guide to HIV and Sex Work

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects raises the voices of sex workers of all genders on issues that affect us. What these voices say about HIV is: SEX WORK IS WORK: Only rights can stop the wrongs. Unfavourable laws, stigma, violence, and discrimination cause sex workers’ vulnerability to ill health, social exclusion and human rights violations. Sex workers face these to varying degrees in all cultures from Switzerland to Swaziland, Canada to Cambodia. In this pamphlet, we define an understanding of HIV and sex work and outline our global agenda for change. We hope you will join and support us.

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Global Working Group on HIV and Sex Work Policy Points for Meeting with Michel Sidibé 27th May 2009

This list of discussion points was prepared for use during a meeting with Michel Sidibe, and include communication of general principles of collaboration as well as recommendations for the creation of an UNAIDS working group on HIV & sex work be created, that HIV prevention & care among sex workers be re-categorized away from the violence against women priority area, and that changes in how sex work is addressed be considered.

Global Working Group on HIV and Sex Work Policy Letter to Peter Piot September 2007

This letter was sent to Peter Piot to raise concerns about the language and focus of the 2007 UNAIDS Guidance Note: HIV and Sex Work. In particular, it raises concerns about the emphasis on reducing commercial sex rather than HIV, and: