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Action against police violation of human rights in Hong Kong

Action against police violation of human rights in Hong Kong

Zi Teng

On Wednesday the 15 of June the Hong Kong public saw flashed across the Chinese language press, and on the 16 of June the SCMP, photos of a group of " 40 mainland women suspected of prostitution" rounded up , interned in a crowded (14 square metre) "cage", in much the same way as animals would be. This was in public view and for a period of 13 hours as reported in the article. The photos in both presses depict the women lying on the bare ground, without visible toilet facilities, privacy or food while male polices officers stand by. The image is poignant being one of powerlessness, vulnerability and visible shame, and voyeurism.

LGBT Activist Shot in Guatemala, Witness in Danger

Subject: Guatemala - LGBT activist shot, witness in danger
Category: PUBLIC
Date: 21 December 2005
AI Index: AMR 34/044/2005
UA 325/05

Fear for Safety — Guatemala

LGBT activist shot, witness in danger

Sulma (legal name Kevin Josue Alegria Robles) Other transvestite sex workers in Guatemala City Other members of the Organizacion de Apoyo a una Sexualidad Integral frente al SIDA, Integral Sexuality AIDS Support Organisation (OASIS)

Stigma Still the Major Barrier for an Effective HIV/AIDS Response

Stigma still the major barrier for an effective HIV/AIDS response

By Shyamala Ashok, India

After a great trauma and toil in loosing one of our committed peer educators for sex workers and most of all a young friend of ours with the HIV status, a member of the women's positive network in Pondicherry, I have tried to illustrate the case for an analysis as below.

Network of Sex Work Projects responds to Cape Town murders

Monday, January 20, 2003

Network of Sex Work Projects responds to city murders

The international Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP — based in Cape Town) has reacted with shock and horror at the execution style murder of young men working in a City massage parlour earlier today. This is a tragic loss of the lives of young folk. The Network is an organisation that advocates around the health and human rights of sex workers at an international level.

Apology to Cheryl Overs from Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse University of New South Wales

Apology to Cheryl Overs

From: Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse
University of New South Wales

Subject: Apology from Clearinghouse
Date: Friday September 3, 2004

We Condemn To The Highest The Degree The Barbaric Acts Alleged To Be Police And Uniformed Officers Of Guatemala!

Friday, December 30, 2006


We Condemn To The Highest The Degree The Barbaric Acts Alleged To Be Police And Uniformed Officers Of Guatemala!

It is sad to note that persons who are given the responsibility of safeguarding the lives of the people in the community and maintaining peace and order ARE THE LAW BREAKERS THEMSELVES!

The death of Paulina and shooting of Sulma are examples of abuse of power! We are sad and we condemn those perpetrators that has caused her death and endangering the life of all other travestis/transgenders who do sex work!

Travailler A Moindre Risque

Ceci est une brochure sur la sécurité au travail fait pour les travailleurs du sexe par les travailleurs et les organisations de sexe cinq pays de l'UE. La brochure est disponible en bulgare, anglais, français, polonais, portugais et espagnol. La brochure vise les travailleurs du sexe travaillant dans les hôtels, appartements, maisons closes, clubs, bars, salons de massage, saunas, sex shops, et autres lieux intérieurs. Le dépliant est le résultat de nos expériences locales. Il présente des conseils et des conseils relatifs à la sécurité au travail, et des informations sur la législation du travail du sexe en Bulgarie, France, Allemagne, Italie et Portugal.
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Raflées sur le Trottoir

Au Cambodge, les représentants de l’ordre sont souvent aussi ceux qui infligent certains des pires abus. Les travailleuses du sexe, en particulier, savent bien ce qu’il en est. Des femmes et des jeunes filles travailleuses du sexe sont victimes de violence, de viol, de harcèlement sexuel, de racket, d’arrestation et de détention arbitraires, de travail forcé, ainsi que d’autres traitements cruels et humiliants de la part de la police, d’agents de sécurité des parcs publics, d’agents du gouvernement, et d’employés des centres et des offices gérés par le ministère des Affaires sociales, des Vétérans et de la Réhabilitation de la jeunesse (le MOSAVY).

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Behind Closed Doors

This report focuses on indoor sex work primarily because, while these sex workers are largely invisible, they face many of the same problems as the more visible street-based prostitutes. The stereotypes of indoor sex workers encompass only extremes of either wealth and glamour or coercion and violence. The true picture reveals a more nuanced reality—the majority of indoor sex workers in this study live surprisingly precarious lives, and encounter a high level of exactly the same problems faced by street-based sex workers, including violence, constant fear of police interference, and a lack of substantive support services. Finding concrete and reality-based solutions to the needs of this invisible, vulnerable, and marginalised community is imperative to helping them create safe and stable lives.

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Cooperative Development Exploration Report

The BC Coalition of Experiential Women was funded to explore working conditions of off street municipally licensed massage parlors and escort agencies. A series of three focus groups were conducted with individuals employed in these venues as well as those who work primarily on street. This report presents the findings of these interviews.

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