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Constellation: Working Conditions Special

This edition of the Canadian magazine "Constellation" goes into detail on how to stay safe while doing sex work - legally, physically, emotionally, sexually, and financially. It is filled with information & articles including how to work with clients as a masseuse, how to respond to police involvement, and how to plan & save money.

Content is in English and French.

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Research for Sex Work 4: Violence, Repression and Other Health Threats

Research for Sex Work 4: Violence, Repression and Other Health Threats is a peer-reviewed publication for sex workers, activists, health workers, researchers, NGO staff and policy makers. It is available in English. All issues of Research for Sex Work can be found here.

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When I Dare to be Powerful - Sex Worker Oral Herstory

Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA) created this document as a way to provide context for the sex worker rights movement by sharing the life stories of sex workers with others, in their own words, allowing them to share their dreams and experiences with others to help them better understand sex workers, and to help other sex workers find the value and power in their own experiences. Chapters include stories of sex workers, a guide to risk management tips for sex workers to have safer work lives, and a sex workers pledge.

Letter to the U.S. Department of State

Letter to the U. S. Department of State. This letter, signed by nine researchers from around the globe and addressed to Ambassador John Miller, provides a response to the facts listed in the Department of State's Fact Sheet on Prostitution and Trafficking, released in 2004. In this letter, the signatories discuss the problems with the fact sheet and it's conclusions,

Contents includes:
• Quoted statistics on numbers and types of persons trafficked that cannot be confirmed in legitimate studies of trafficking.

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Appendix B - Integration of the Human Rights of Women and the Gender Perspective: Violence Against Women

Report of the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, Ms. Radhika Coomaraswamy, on trafficking in women, women's migration and violence against women, submitted in accordance with Commission on Human Rights resolution 1997/44.

You can download this 38 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.

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From Russia With Love? Newspaper Coverage of Cross Border Prostitution in Northern Norway, 1990-2001

This article examines national news reports on prostitution of Russian women in northern Norway between 1990 and 2001. Applying critical discourse analysis, the author shows how this particular type of cross-border, rural prostitution is represented as sexual transaction, as a sociopolitical problem (of public order, public health, social/moral breakdown and stigma), and as a symbolic issue used to legitimize stricter border controls. Images of prostitutes, pimps and customers are also discussed.

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Trabajo sexual y violencia contra las mujeres: ¿Visiones utópicas o batalla de los sexos?

En el movimiento social para construir un discurso de ‘violencia contra las mujeres’ y sensibilizar a la sociedad sobre algunos tipos de maltrato que antes no eran reconocidos, se ha llegado a un momento en que el objetivo se centra en definir crímenes y aplicar castigos. Mientras sí constituye un progreso concientizar sobre la violencia y la explotación para intentar impedir que se cometan delitos, espero mostrar que el énfasis actual en la disciplina está lejos de una visión utópica y que existe la posibilidad de abordar soluciones más humanas.

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