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简报: 性少数性工作 者经历的恐同 与恐跨性别

女同性恋、男同性恋、双性恋和跨性别 (LGBT)人群经历着包括 法律、政治和社会各个层面针对他们的恐同和恐跨性别。对于作为 性少数的性工作者,基于性取向和性别身份的歧视,同时受到性工作 者本身带来的歧视,会遭到一系列特殊侵犯。

简报记录了性少数性工作者经历的污名和歧 视,强调了不同社群的不同经验。为应对身处性工 作与性少数重叠区域而经历的双重污名和歧视所 提出的建议。


Справочная Статья: Гомофобия и трансфобия в отношении ЛГБТ секс-работников

Лесбиянки, геи, бисексуальные и трансгендерные люди подвергаются гомофобии и трансфобии во всех сферах, в том числе в правовой, политической и социальной. В случае секс-работников из сообщества ЛГБТ дискриминация по признаку сексуальной ориентации и гендерной идентичности усиливает дискриминацию, с которой они сталкиваются как секс-работники. 

Document d’Information: L’homophobie et la transphobie dont souffrent les travailleurSEs du sexe LGBT

Les personnes lesbiennes, gays, bisexuelLEs et transgenres (LGBT) sont victimes d’homophobie et de transphobie à tous les niveaux y compris au niveau juridique, politique et social. Les travailleurSEs1 du sexe qui sont LGBT sont discriminéEs non seulement parce qu’elles sont travailleurSEs du sexe (elles sont victimes de violations spécifiques de leurs droits humains) mais aussi en raison de leur orientation sexuelle et de leur identité de genre.

Documento Informativo: La homofobia y la transfobia experimentadas por las personas LGBT que ejercen el trabajo sexual

Las lesbianas, gais, bisexuales y personas transgénero (LGBT) experimentan homofobia y transfobia en todos los niveles, incluyendo los jurídicos, políticos y sociales. Para las personas LGBT que ejercen el trabajo sexual, la discriminación por motivos de orientación sexual e identidad de género aumenta e intensifica la discriminación que sufren como personas que ejercen el trabajo sexual. 

NSWP Statement on International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

17th December 2018 marks the 15th annual International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

For fifteen years, sex workers around the world have used this day to highlight the need for action to end violence against sex workers. The issues faced by sex workers often vary from region to region, due to different laws, social and cultural contexts, but one common issue faced by all sex workers is their vulnerability to and experience of violence.

Sex Work, Stigma and Violence in the Netherlands

This resource was developed by PROUD, the Dutch union for and by sex workers, and Aidsfonds - Soa Aids Nederland, to explore the extent to which sex workers in the Netherlands experience stigma and violence. A total of 308 sex workers participated through questionnaires, in-depth interviews and focus group discussions from across the country, engaged in various types of sex work.

Community Guide: The Homophobia and Transphobia Experienced by LGBT Sex Workers

This resource is a Community Guide to the Briefing Paper on the Homophobia and Transphobia Experienced by LGBT Sex Workers. It provides an overview of the full Briefing Paper, and provides key recommendations for policymakers and other stakeholders. 

You can download this 6 page resource above. It is available in English, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.