Sex workers protest for legal recognition in Lagos State, Nigeria

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3 Mar

On International Sex Worker Rights Day (3rd March) Nigerian sex workers joined their counterparts in some countries to demand for legal recognition of their profession.

P.M. News reported that Nigerian sex workers were calling on their government to recognise that as human beings trying to keep body and soul going, the sex work should be considered legitimate enough to put a stop to its discrimination and stigmatisation.

“See, many people, including you, do not see us as human beings. In your mind, we are a condemned set of Nigerians who sell their bodies so cheaply, but that thought is not right,” Jane, a lady from eastern Nigeria who operates at a brothel in Agege, told P.M. News.

Her colleague, a 27-year old from southern Nigeria, said with their rights recognised, they could pay tax to the government and be seen as decent people in the society.