Is selling sex criminalised?

Selling sex is illegal under section 72 of the Crimes Act 2013.

Is buying sex criminalised?

Yes buying sex is criminalised under section 73 of the Crimes Act 2013.

Is organising/managing criminalised?

Yes, procuring, living on earnings and brothel-keeping all criminalised under Crimes Act 2013.

Is there mandatory HIV/STI testing?

Not known

Is there mandatory registration?

Not known

Is sex work recognised as work?


Is sex work decriminalised with limited regulation?


Sources/further reading

UNDP et al (2012) Sex Work and the Law in Asia and the Pacific: Laws, HIV and human rights in the context of sex work, available at Samoa Crimes Act 2013 - Equality and Justice Alliance Report 2019, A Fairer Future, available at

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