Amnesty International joins condemnation of 'misguided' HIV testing

Amnesty International
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Amnesty International issued a statement on 17th May condemning a campaign by Greek authorities to identify sex workers with HIV following a law making testing compulsory for sex workers.

Amnesty joins the organisations condemning the actions by the Greek authorities, including UNAIDS as well as NSWP & GNP+, as reported on this website.  You can still sign the petition to the Greek Prime Minister here.

“Publication of names, photographs and positive HIV status is a fundamental breach of confidentiality and exposes sex workers to stigma and violence,” Amnesty International said in its statement.

“The measures adopted by the Greek authorities are completely misguided and ineffective,”

“Amnesty International calls on the Greek authorities to take appropriate measures and provide those individuals found to be HIV positive with counseling and information and to encourage the voluntary counseling and testing of those who are unaware of their HIV status,” the statement said.

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