News Archive: August 2019

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At the 23 September 2019 UN High Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage, we demand governments pledge to put the last mile first and offer access to affordable, stigma-free, and quality health care to key populations.

Posted 29 August 2019 by NSWP

An Irish campaign group is calling for changes to police policy following the results of a new study, which shows that more than 150 sex workers have been prosecuted under brothel keeping laws over the last ten years. The same study showed that almost all of those convicted under brothel keeping laws are migrant women, and that in 90% of the cases, those involved were ‘named and shamed’ in the media.

Posted 12 August 2019 by NSWP

Le mois dernier, s’est tenu à Mexico un congrès scientifique sur le VIH organisé par la Société internationale sur le sida. Suite à cet évènement, les réseaux internationaux dirigés par les populations clés ont joint leurs forces aux organisations de défense des droits des personnes du Mexique et d’Amérique latine pour continuer à se préparer pour la conférence HIV2020.

Posted 8 August 2019 by NSWP