SWFF urges Indian Govt not to bow to pressure on generic HIV drugs

Source (institute/publication)
The Sunday Indian

The Sex Worker Freedom Festival urged the Indian government not to bow to pressure from the EU and US on Free Trade Agreements and to continue to produce generic anti-HIV drugs that are affordable for poorer nations.

Andrew Hunter, NSWP President said, “If we want to live in a world that is fair we cannot allow rich governments and corporations to hijack the global health system. We need to keep India as the pharmacy of the world. We need India to stand up to the EU and the US and keep us alive.”

Gving an example from Thailand, he said, “Thailand has managed to build a universal health system where healthcare is available free for every single person. They do this by using Thai and Indian generics, through issuing legal compulsory licenses, not just on HIV drugs but on other expensive drugs like cancer treatments."

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