Sex Workers Donate to Church Orphanage

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8 Mar

On March 8, 2011 the Uganda Harmonized Rights Alliance celebrated International Women's Day by donating to the Nsambya Babies Home, run by a local church in Kampala (Uganda). The group which advocates for the rights of sex workers handed over goods worth three million shillings, which included Pampers, drinks, soap and many others.

“People don’t believe that we have that heart of being mothers. We love children and we are giving birth to children. So we decided to come and show that love so that people can understand that sex workers are mothers and they really have that love for children”, one of the alliance members told NTV Uganda.

The alliance also said that this was a gesture to show that as mothers themselves, they don’t want their own children to end up in orphanages. The alliance also took the opportunity to highlight the need for sex work to be decriminalised so they can work openly with their communities.

“If we are doing this work, then let us be given the opportunities of educating people over the radio. Let us go and educate people in schools”, said Daisy Nakato, who is the Executive Director of the Women’s Organisation Network for Human Rights Advocacy (WONETHA)