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STOPAIDS has published a new position paper supporting the decriminalisation of sex work, designed to support STOPAIDS members to advocate for decriminalisation within their own advocacy and programmes, and support the global sex worker rights movement.

Le 13 avril 2016, la France adoptait la loi « visant à renforcer la lutte contre le système prostitutionnel et à accompagner les personnes prostituées », devenant ainsi le deuxième pays de l’Union européenne à sanctionner les clients des du sexe. Depuis, deux chercheurs, Hélène Le Bail et Calogero Giametta, en collaboration avec 11 associations ont mené une enquête afin de documenter les impacts de cette nouvelle législation sur la santé, les droits et les conditions de vie des du sexe en France.

Empower Foundation has released a new resource library on their website, comprising books, reports, letters and films on a variety of topics linked to sex workers' rights in Thailand. You can access the full set of resources here (most available in English and Thai). 

Download this resource:

PION, Norway, with support from NSWP, submitted this shadow report to the 68th CEDAW Session, which took place October-November 2017. The report is based on in-depth interviews, conducted over a two-month period, with sex workers and social service providers. It documents how local administrative laws and the criminalisation of clients and third parties increase stigma and discrimination, impede access to justice and health services, and result in arbitrary deportations and evictions.

Download this resource: PDF icon PION Norway CEDAW Shadow Report
Thème: Human Rights