Regional updates: Asia and the Pacific

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Regional Board Members

Manjula Ramaiah (ASHODAYA SAMITHI), India

Sherry Sherqueshaa (Project X), Singapore

Regional Network

The Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW) is a sex worker-led network whose members include national sex worker-led networks, sex worker-led organisations and community-based sex work projects representing female, male and transgender sex workers. APNSW was founded in 1994 at the International AIDS Conference in Japan and is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

News articles from Asia and the Pacific region are listed below.

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On 28 May, 2015, the Nepalese Army imposed a strict 8pm curfew on entering and exiting the central Kathmandu, Tundikhel field where over a 1000 people are currently residing in tents following the 25 April 8.1 magnitude earthquake, which killed over 8000 people and left hundreds of thousands of people displaced.

4th June 2015 by NSWP

On 25 April, 2015, Nepal was subject to an earthquake reported to be 8.1 magnitude.

27th May 2015 by NSWP
Debby Doesn’t Do it For Free, an Australian- based sex worker art collective which over its 13 year existence has involved over 40 peer participants is due to launch a national exhibition of sex worker created art pieces and performances at Tap Gallery in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst , which is recognised as a historical sex working area.
26th May 2015 by NSWP

On May 1st, Thai sex worker Thanta Laovilawanyakul enters the Danish stage in Copenhagen to add a new perspective to the question; why do Westerns travel around the globe to get something as banal as sex.

One by one, people from the audience will be lead onto the stage to play different experiences with sex worker Thanta Laovilawanyakul at Betty Nansens Theatre in Copenhagen in May.

The controversial play ‘Love-Theatre’ has been developed by two Danish instructors: Tue Biering and Jeppe Kristensen.

27th March 2015 by NSWP
Women’s Network for Unity (WNU), registered with the Cambodian Ministry of Interior in 2004, is a non-religious and spearhead grassroots non-government organisation working to promote conceptual understanding of human rights. WNU advocates for policy change and better treatment of sex workers and strengthening/improving the livelihoods of sex workers and entertainment workers in WNUs networks throughout Phnom Penh and eight provinces of Cambodia.
26th March 2015 by NSWP

March 3, YANGON: Sex workers experience extreme violence at work, in health care and custodial settings, in their neighbourhoods and homes, according to a study conducted in four Asian countries.

3rd March 2015 by NSWP

Migrant sex workers from Nepal are currently facing increased scrutiny from Indian immigration authorities and police as they travel through Indian airports to work in the United Arab Emirates.

2nd March 2015 by NSWP

Sex workers mark International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, 17 December, 2014, Suva, Fiji. Image attributed to Sesenieli Naitala.


2nd March 2015 by NSWP

Sex workers in Papua New Guinea’s capital city, Port Moresby, have a strong ally in Powes Parkop, the province’s Governor, who has vowed to actively support the decriminalisation of sex work.

2nd March 2015 by NSWP

Community representatives from JMMS, NUNN and Blue Diamond Society upon completing ITPC Treatment Literacy Training, Kathmandu, Nepal, January, 2015. Photo attributed to NUNN Nepal. 

25th February 2015 by NSWP