Regional updates: North America and the Caribbean

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Regional Board Members

Shaunna-May Trotman (Guyana Sex Work Coalition), Guyana

Natasha Potvin (Peers Victoria Resources Society), Canada

NSWP Regional Network

The Caribbean Sex Workers Coalition (CSWC) is a regional network of organisations representing female, male and transgender sex workers. It was founded in 2011 and is based in Georgetown, Guyana.

News articles from North America and Caribbean region are listed below.

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The Guyana Coalition of Sex Workers (GCSW) is advocating for a better educated Guyana Police Force capable of handling diverse issues in a mature manner.

13th March 2012 by NSWP

An article in The Atlantic shows how several US states are still using possession of condoms as evidence for arresting people 'suspected of engaging in prostitution.'

12th March 2012 by NSWP

Expose the Secret Big Pharma Free Trade Deal Negotiations in LA!

NSWP members and activists in LA are encouraged to attend this important protest to defend global access to affordable medicines. 

Health GAP and the California Fair Trade Coalition, AFL-CIO, Citizens Trade Campaign, Friends of the Earth, Public Citizen,  Moana Nui and local members of the labor, environmental, Latino, and Asian-Pacific Island communities are planning a teach-in and Rally in LA.

25th January 2012 by NSWP

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In September, 15 academics and advocates wrote to the State Department’s Trafficking Office to request reliable evidence in support of statements made in the document: “Prevention: Fighting Sex Trafficking by Curbing Demand for Prostitution.”  The Trafficking Office recently responded but, to our disappointment, it was unable to present even one piece of reliable research in support of the claims in the ‘fact sheet’ (their term, not ours). 

17th January 2012 by Neil McCulloch

Louisiana's era of forcing certain convicted sex workers to register as sex offenders appears to be over. Governor Jindell's office signed a bill into law that moves ‘prostitution’ back to a level of misdemeanour. 

29th June 2011 by Neil McCulloch