Where our members work

NSWP’s members are local, national and regional sex worker organisations and networks, across five regions: Africa; Asia and the Pacific; Europe (including Eastern Europe and Central Asia); Latin America and North America and the Caribbean. Members in each region elect two representatives to the NSWP Board of Directors.

All member organisations are required to endorse NSWP’s core values and the Consensus Statement on Sex Work, Human Rights, and the Law. Only sex worker-led organisations and networks have voting rights.

NSWP members are from diverse cultures and have different experiences and organisational histories. Most are independent sex worker-led organisations, some are informal groups of sex workers within larger organisations and some are non-governmental organisations who support sex workers rights. Some member organisations provide services, some focus on advocacy, some on mobilising to reduce vulnerability – all work on human rights issues that affect the health and well-being of sex workers.

You can find our members through the regional pages or by clicking on the red umbrellas on the map.

Note: For both safety and security NSWP does not identify which members are sex worker-led on our website, and members can choose not to be listed on the public website.


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Regional updates

11th December 2010 by NSWP | Region: Global

This report presents an overview of HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for sex workers, using case studies and literature to present best practices.

The sections include:


  • Definition and Scope of the Problem
  • Methods
  • Fact-finding and examples
  • General issues
  • Conclusions
  • Appendix: People consulted
  • Acknowledgements

You can download this 31 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.

11th December 2010 by NSWP | Region: Europe
Ceci est la version française du procès verbal du Groupe consultatif ONUSIDA sur le VIH et le travail du sexe.
11th December 2010 by NSWP | Region: Global

4-6 de noviembre de 2009, Palacio de las Naciones, Ginebra.

11th December 2010 by NSWP | Region: North America and the Caribbean

This is a formal letter of request that the Ontario Human Rights Commission conduct a public inquiry into discrimination against Ottawa-area sex workers by the Ottawa Police Service.

11th December 2010 by NSWP | Region: Global

Esta es la versión en español de la Nota para el Registro del Grupo Asesor del ONUSIDA sobre el VIH y el Trabajo Sexual del 28-30 de junio de 2010.

11th December 2010 by NSWP | Region: North America and the Caribbean

This is the judgement of the Ontario Court of Appeal staying the ruling (pursuant to appeal) of Justice Susan Himel in the case Bedford v Canada, where the following sections of the Code were struck down: the common bawdy-house provisions, the living on the avails of adult prostitution offence, and the communication for the purpose of prostitution offence.

11th December 2010 by NSWP | Region: Asia and the Pacific

This study reviewed the condom utilization rates among female sex workers in Thailand, and determined that the rates of use fall far below the 100% Condom Usage rates advocated by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health.

11th December 2010 by NSWP | Region: Europe

An analysis on indoor sex work settings in seven European cities and a manual on examples of good practices in the work with sex workers. The manual has two objectives: To provide an analysis on local level of the indoor prostitution scene, and to present examples of good practice for service providers regarding the implementation of new outreach methodologies in order to encourage a broader development of comprehensive indoor outreach services.

11th December 2010 by NSWP | Region: Europe

This is a leaflet on safety at work made for sex workers by sex workers and organisations from five EU countries. The leaflet is available in Bulgarian, English, French, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. The leaflet targets sex workers working in hotels, apartments, brothels, clubs, bars, massage parlours, saunas, sex shops, and other indoor venues. The leaflet is the result of our local experiences. It presents advice and tips related to safety at work, and information on sex work legislation in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy and Portugal.

11th December 2010 by NSWP | Region: Europe

Se trata de un folleto sobre la seguridad en el trabajo realizado por profesionales del sexo y organizaciones de cinco países de la UE para profesionales del sexo. El folleto está disponible en búlgaro, inglés, francés, polaco, portugués y español. El folleto se dirige a las trabajadoras sexuales que trabajan en hoteles, apartamentos, burdeles, clubes, bares, salones de masaje, saunas, sex shops y otros lugares de interior. El folleto es el resultado de nuestras experiencias locales. Presenta consejos y consejos relacionados con la seguridad en el trabajo, e información sobre la legislación sobre el trabajo sexual en Bulgaria, Francia, Alemania, Italia y Portugal.